Rent a car in Israel - the key to an unforgettable vacation

Rent a car in Israel - the key to an unforgettable vacation

Travel throughout the ages has been a movement towards the new and a vivid impression. Only earlier for this it took days, and even years to overcome dangerous kilometers. Now everything has become much more accessible, so independent travelers who want to visit Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv and other legendary places in Israel, increasingly prefer to rent a car and feel free.

A trip that will be remembered

Traveling by car in Israel is the best solution, because at every turn you will find scenic views, and the earth itself is steeped in history. In addition, there are excellent roads in this country, and cars in rental companies are usually in excellent condition.

There are many advantages to contacting car rental. Any distances are covered in a short time. On the trip, you can listen to your favorite music and build a route according to your mood. You no longer have to deny yourself the comfort, because you can take any things with you without burdening yourself with heavy bags and backpacks. Additional clothes, snacks, a camera and other items useful on the trip will be placed successfully in the car without inconvenience.

The path can be started from the very north of Israel, the settlement of Metulla , and you can complete the acquaintance with the country “at the bottom” of the map in the southern city of Eilat

Best Rental Terms

What conditions are waiting for you when renting a car in Israel?
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A great choice and great prices are not all the advantages of HolylandCars. One of the most convenient services of the company is the ability to pass the car in another city at no additional charge. That is, you do not need to go back if you want to change cars or stay in a place for a long time, and you can spontaneously change your route, making the trip even more unpredictable and exciting.

Comfortable, affordable, practical!