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• Car rental in Israel at low prices. Tel: +972 (54) 2041614. Free booking and cancellation. Choose the appropriate option and book a car without obligation!

• locations of the company are located at Ben-Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and another 16 Israeli cities. Full list of locations here. Rental conditions here.

• For rental you will need a valid driver's license, passport, visa with passport control and a personalized credit card.

• When you receive a car, we advise you to examine it very carefully inside and out, and also check for the presence of a triangle, a spare wheel, a key and a jack.

• Be sure to check the availability of a valid data sheet and insurance policy.

• Record all scratches and bumps on the receipt form, if any, this type of blank is filled in with a rental company representative.

• Check the fuel level and mileage, if the fuel tank is not full - indicate this in the receipt form. In this case, you have the full right to return the car with the same level of the gas tank. You can also ask to refuel the car to a full tank to avoid controversial situations on return.

• It is very important to find out the type of fuel (gasoline or diesel). Usually in Israel, if the car is diesel, then opening the gas tank door, there will be a sticker "DIESEL".

• Israeli rental companies strictly prohibit smoking in cars that are rented, as described by a special sticker, most often located inside the car (No Smoking Car).

• Also, you are not allowed to use a rented car to travel on non-asphalted sections of the road or off-road.

• If a car breaks down or malfunctions, you are not allowed to repair both yourself and resort to car service (stop immediately and call the customer service center).

• Go beyond the borders of Israel. First, it is dangerous. And secondly, there is no car insurance outside Israel (Palestinian Authority is not considered Israeli territory).

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