Zichron Yaakov - prolonging the joy of traveling

Zichron Yaakov - prolonging the joy of traveling

Rare emotions can be compared in strength and diversity with vivid impressions of travel. It would be a great twist on your trip.

Drive to the city on Mount Carmel

Renting a car in Israel is the best option for traveling in a country where, it seems, every grain of sand in the desert is filled with the spirit of history. A trip to Zichron Yaacov in a convenient car offered by an official representative of Europcar will not be an exception and will be remembered for new discoveries. This small settlement at the dawn of its appearance was settled by immigrants from Romania, who used brand secrets to grow grapes and create wines, so Zichron Yaacov is today known as the birthplace of winemaking in the country.

A journey through the locality on the ridge of Mount Carmel and truly epic views from a height is another possibility that car rental in Israel gives. At the same time, it is nice when memorable holidays are also financially captivating, and cooperation with Holyland Cars means low prices, seasonal discounts and the ability to return cars in any city where there are branches of the company and at the same time do not pay extra.

Dedicated to tourists ...

Renting a car in Israel will open to the traveler classic tourist sites of the city, such as the Gan Ha Nadiv Park and a winery, where you can take part in excursions and tastings. On this day, you can also get acquainted with the local museum, and the evening is better to give a beautiful sunset, painting the valley. Car rental in Israel is the starting point for interesting ideas and inspired route implementations.