Unique meetings in the reserve High Bar Yotvata with a comfortable car

Unique meetings in the reserve High Bar Yotvata with a comfortable car

National Biblical Reserve High Bar Yotvata occupies the southern section of the Negev desert. Picturesque nature and unique animals evoke joyful feelings, and renting a car in Israel from Holyland Cars is the best way to get here.

Route 90

The path to the reserve is most convenient to lay through the highway 90 - excursion routes are most often built that way. Tourist buses from Eilat, Haifa, Jerusalem come here, but renting a car in Israel will give travelers a completely different feeling along the way. The official representative of Europcar is not only the best cars, low prices and seasonal discounts, but also the opportunity to create your own unique route with the return of the car in another city at no extra charge. Therefore, tourists who come to the car rental in Israel, arriving at the reserve, are not burdened with worries about the need to adjust to someone's schedule and enjoy Acacia groves and salt marshes in a comfortable environment.

Amazing Animal World

Renting a car in Israel will open to travelers a nature reserve of 12 km2, where animals mentioned in the Bible and endangered species live in natural conditions. Yovata High Bar is divided into three parts, the largest of which and the main one are herbivores. The predator zone is a separate area, and there is also a “dark room” - its purpose is to monitor animals whose activity occurs during the night. Rent a car in Israel will make meeting with rare species of animals even more interesting.