Natural wealth of Israel in traveling by car

Natural wealth of Israel

What if the dream of exploring the western part of Israel contradicts the limited amount of time? The correct answer to this question is car rental in Israel. The official representative of Europcar Holyland Cars offers the best cars with which your journey will become a dream come true.

Moving North

If you have only one day in stock, then renting a car in Israel is the best solution, because first-class cars, low prices and seasonal discounts favor a pleasant stay. The main thing - do not forget to get up early, and the vivid impressions received during the trip will stay with you for a long time. The Mediterranean Sea will accompany you for most of the trip, because it washes many cities of this part of the country. The beginning of a trip to Tel Aviv plunges into the eclectic atmosphere of the city, because, if desired, you can find a variety of landscapes in it - from Manhattan and urban to slums and southern resorts. And the ancient city of Jaffa will present a meeting with historical relics. Moving along the sea to the north - to the city of Netanya - introduces the diamond capital of the country and the largest beaches. There are memorials and museums, as well as Utopia Park with a mini-zoo and predatory plants. Farther north is Hadera - and there is a particularly high probability among the residents to meet people from Russia. However, lunch in this city will be traditional for this country. Meat lovers will appreciate the Jerusalem stew "Meerov Yerushalmi", you can also taste Israeli pancakes with bacon and salad. Rent a car in Israel is a great opportunity to feel the identity and cultural characteristics of the country in a short time.

Bright end of the journey

Turning into a car rental in Israel, you get to rent a car to your taste and unlimited possibilities for moving. A bright finale of an unforgettable trip will be a visit to Haifa. The areas of this city differ in time of origin and atmosphere - there are ancient caves and tombs, a mosque of the Ottoman Empire and the ruins of a fortress, and if you meet the sunset in Haifa, located on the slopes of Mount Carmel, you can visit the theater. The company has many branches throughout the country, so at the end of the journey you can leave the car in Haifa at no additional cost.

Rent a car in Israel is a pleasant and fast distance overcoming, which makes each city closer and sights more accessible.