Tips for renting a car in Israel

What you need to know about car rental in Israel - expert advice

Before you travel, ask yourself, is your car built for a long and stressful journey? Have you traveled with your family for hours and lots of luggage? Is the vehicle safe and secure, even when climbing mountains north or descending along serpentines in southern Israel? Get important tips from HolylandCars experts.

The advantages of a car ride in Israel

Do you know? Car rental gives travelers many advantages over private cars:
Accessories and add-ons. Add components such as a children's chair, a GPS system, a Bluetooth headset, and more.
Safety and reliability. Cars for rent are regularly tested by the Israeli Ministry of Transport and guarantee a high level of safety and reliability of the vehicle in accordance with the regulations.
Receipt and refund. Rental companies allow services to bring cars from the place where the client is located and return to the place of their choice in order to save the client from losing time, taxi fees or other such troubles. Customer Service. Rental companies offer close customer service to assist with any questions and, if necessary, assist.
Additional Services. Towing services and a garage are provided by the rental company and thus avoid direct interaction with the customer.

What should you check and verify before renting a car?

Study your needs. Study the budget component, check whether the car is suitable for the number of passengers, the type of passengers (children) and the place of the trip.
Determine the dimensions of the vehicle. Examine the size of the trunk, passenger compartment and engine size to suit your requirements.

What you need to check when getting the car?

It is important to know that the delivery time is the return time. It is important to return the car no later than 1 hour after the final rental time. Otherwise, you will pay additionally for the next day of rent.
Be sure to check the run numbers on the rental day.
Check if basic insurance is included in the rental price.
Make sure you get a full tank of fuel - be sure to return full.
Check the minimum driver age allowed to rent a car at a rental company.

What to bring when you get a car at the rental point?

Driver’s Credit Card. The card must be the primary driver or another driver who has signed the rental agreement. Even if you pay rent in cash, you must bring a credit card to keep the deposit amount.
Driving license. A rental company will require a valid driver's license and will not provide you with a car without it.

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