Timna Valley - an extraordinary journey

Timna Valley - an extraordinary journey

Timna Valley is a 60 km2 depression in the form of a horseshoe in the middle of the desert, which is an important and interesting tourist attraction. Rent a car in Israel is amazing views along the road 90 - the longest road in the country, and vivid impressions of the park, where several picturesque legends came together.

Rent a car - travelers choice

An excursion to the Timna Valley can be booked in Eilat, as it is located 25 km from the park. But it would be best to go to car rental in Israel and choose a car, which will be really nice to travel in. The official representative of Europcar HolylandCars is a chic car park, low prices, seasonal discounts, the ability to return the car in another city at no additional cost and consistently happy customers. Therefore, it is Israel’s car rental that is preferable for traveling, in which comfortable rest is combined with intricate routes and acquaintances with various points on the map of the country. Renting a car in Israel will open the Timna Valley most vividly and help to keep a vivid impression and exclusive shots as a souvenir.

Timna Valley - a place of vivid impressions

The sights of the Timna Valley are beautiful and varied. Solomon's pillars consisting of minerals and forming part of the rock, the ancient temple of the goddess Hathor, whose construction dates back to the 14th century, will appear before the travelers. BC e., the Egyptian "Underground Time", giving rise to an understanding of the customs and culture of the period of stay of the Egyptians in the local lands and the nature of the sandstone arch. There are ancient rock paintings, a stone figure resembling a lion on one side, and a sphinx on the other, and, of course, Lake Timna, pleasing with the opportunity to participate in mobile rides. Car rental in Israel is the best routes and an unforgettable vacation.