Rent a car at the airport Ben Gurion, Tel Aviv

Rent a car in Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport is a pleasure.

Ben Gurion Airport - the main air gate of Israel is located in the center of the country. Although the airport is called Tel Aviv, in fact it is located on the territory of the city of Lod - about 40 km from Jerusalem and 15 km from Tel Aviv. A convenient location is a big plus - after a long flight, you can get to your place of residence within the center of the country, in any direction, on average for half an hour.

There are 2 terminals at Tel Aviv Airport - Terminal 3 for international flights and Terminal 1 for domestic and international short-distance flights (Eilat, Cyprus, Crete).

Where can I rent a car at Ben Gurion Airport?

If you have a pre-booked car (you can on the main page find a suitable option) and there is no queue at the front, the whole procedure of getting and receiving a car will not take more than 10 minutes. It is important to know that by making a pre-order you save your time and money, because The cost of rental on site will be much higher.

Prices for car rental in Israel are very cheap, often cheaper than in Europe. Most of the cars are new (up to three years in the rental), all cars are air-conditioned and most have automatic transmissions (manual gearbox is not popular in Israel).

The HolylandCar - Europcar stand is conveniently located in the arrivals hall on the left, on the ground floor, next to the racks of other rental companies. You can get to the first floor either on an escalator or by using an elevator. You can also follow the signs "Car Rental" (car rental) or ask the airport employees. All Europcar employees speak fluent English. If you have difficulty communicating in English, you can always call: +972 (54) 2041614 and we will solve your problems in Russian.

At the company’s counter, they will open a contract for you in a couple of minutes, explain everything you need to know about renting, insurance and toll roads, suggest renting navigation or a smartphone with a SIM card (provides calls all over the world and the Internet without any restrictions).

After that, you will receive a check-list with car damage, keys and parking number where your car is located. According to the check-list you need to check whether all the damage is fixed in it, and also make sure to check whether the tank is full of fuel. You can read more about rental conditions, and expert recommendations . As soon as you leave the airport, all responsibility for new scratches / damages on the car body falls on you (with full insurance everything is different).

Car hire at Ben Gurion Airport is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. The only exception is one day in the year - Yom Kippur (Judgment Day), during which everything is closed, including the office at the Airport from 12:00 pm and until 21:00 pm the next day.