Car rent in Israel – souvenirs

Car rent in Israel – souvenirs

Traveling in Israel is not only getting to know the wonderful views and relaxing by the sea, but also buying souvenirs. The desire to please loved ones with gifts or to take with them a reminder of the time perfectly spent appears to every tourist, especially when it comes to such a bright and unusual country. Renting a car in Israel will help you quickly and successfully navigate the shopping map.

Convenient Shopping

Of course, traveling by car is convenient. Contacting car rental in Israel, which is provided by the official representative of Europcar Holyland Cars, you can make the movement around the country exceptionally comfortable, and, given the low prices for cars, the possibility of returning it to another branch of the city without surcharges and seasonal discounts, then this trip can be with confidence call profitable.

An integral part of travel - shopping - is simply impossible to imagine without a car. After all, Israel is very rich in attractive offers. Jewelery lovers will appreciate the local shops with bright and unique decorations, which are quite difficult to find analogues. In Israel, you can not only buy diamonds at an affordable price, but also go on a tour of the factory where they are cut. There are a lot of goods here for children - from clothes and shoes to a variety of toys. Rent a car in Israel is a comfortable shopping and the availability of a place to shop.

Shopping in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a city where the scope of opportunities for tourists is particularly striking. Renting a car in Israel will most likely lead travelers to the Malha shopping center, where more than a hundred stores with clothes of famous brands are located, there is a cafe for every taste, children's playgrounds and 12 cinemas. And Jaffa Street is famous for its huge market - the largest in the country and one of the largest in the world. Here you can not only find almost any product, including the most exotic, but also truly get to know the people of Israel.

Numerous shops are always welcome and open from Sunday to Friday, and Friday is a short day. Saturday is traditionally a holiday.

Rent a car in Israel will help you plunge into the world of bright colors of markets and shops, rich in various souvenirs and will give you a great rest.