Israel toll roads: options, data, prices

Israel toll roads: options, data, prices

In Israel, there are 3 types of toll roads: “Route number 6”, “Tuneli Karmiel” and a dedicated lane at the entrance to Tel Aviv. Consider them all in order:

Highway 6 - “Kvish Shesh”

The first toll road in Israel is Highway 6 - “Kvish Shesh”, also known as the Israeli Trans-Highway or it. Yitzhak Rabin. The road, which was opened in 2004, will be operated by the franchising company Derech Eretz until 2029 and then will be transferred to state ownership. The highway includes 14 intersections and exits in each direction. List of crossings from South to North: Meahez; Ain-Tut; Kiryat Gat; Shorek; Negorim; Daniel; Ben Shemen; Nahshonim; Kasem; Horashim; Eyal; Nitzani-Oz; Baak Jad; Eron; Ain-Tut.
Over the next few years Highway 6 is expected to receive a significant increase in its length - about 124 kilometers (about 62 kilometers in each direction) - from the Shlomi intersection in the north to the Negev intersection.
The transition from one intersection to another is a separate section, and each requires an additional charge. Highway 6 currently includes only two maintenance stations — one in each direction. These stations include a gas station and a cafe.

How to pay for a trip on Route 6?

Highway 6 allows free entry, and vehicles are automatically identified by photocopying a license plate or identifying a wireless installation installed on the windshield. The invoice is sent to the address of the vehicle owner (in this case, to Europcar). If you drive a rental car along this route, then after a while, your credit card, which you left as a deposit at Europcar, will be charged.
The fare on highway No. 6 consists of the following parameters: the type of vehicle, the type of client, and the number of sections that the driver crossed. You can easily calculate the cost by going to Kvish Shesh official website in Russian

Tunnel through Mount Carmel

The tunnel of Karmiel is only six kilometers under the mountain. But this way saves a lot of time for those who are planning to cross Haifa and go from southwest to northeast Israel. The Carmel Tunnels have three entry and exit segments: the Haifa-South Junction, the Krayot Junction, Neve Shahanan, which is located next to the Grand Canyon Shopping Center.
You can pay for travel at the ticket office at the entrance. Public transport or truck, and is in the range of 6 to 30 NIS. for one tunnel segment (depending on the type of vehicle) and from 12 to 60 NIS. (depending on the type of vehicle) for the entire section.

Tel Aviv Highlighted Lane

The fast lane is a section of the highway that gives priority to public transport and full-sized vehicles of three or four passengers at the entrance to Tel Aviv. The fast lane stretches for 13 km and runs from east to west, parallel to Tel Aviv - from Ben Gurion Airport to the Galuiot Bridge on Ayalon. Here the prices are different and a bit confusing, since the fee is charged in accordance with the priorities: the more overloaded the route, the higher the fare. Prices range from 7 NIS. up to 75 NIS and may change at any time of the day. It is worth noting that in order to use the fast lane, the subscriber must be registered in the system - even if the vehicle is exempted from payment (occupation of three or four passengers or public transport).
The use of toll roads and tunnels in Israel saves a lot of travel time. This is especially true of the rush hour, which has recently been felt in Israel throughout the daylight hours. Usually, the toll road offers more lanes than the standard road, it is built in a modern way, which ensures a smooth ride and is free from road hazards or accidents, and also allows you to drive much faster than on the highway.