car rental in Israel: western areas of the country in one day

Аcar rental in Israel: western areas of the country in one day

The nature of Israel is rich and diverse, and the views of the seas, clean sand, fancy rocks and green hills are able to charm any traveler. No tour will give such an opportunity to enjoy the wonderful views, like renting a car in Israel. The feeling of unity with nature and the real pleasure of the trip - all this and much more is given to its customers by the official representative of Europcar Holyland Cars.

At the mountain range

Renting a car in Israel not only makes moving from one locality to another comfortable, but also creates a unique atmosphere of freedom and harmony with the surrounding views. Travelers and travelers passing through the Jezreel Valley are available with photos and a backdrop of the Gilboa, a mountain range near the Jordan River, or a visit to Gan HaShlosha, a national park at the foot of the mountain. This park, ideally suited to lovers of a relaxing holiday, is considered the most picturesque in the country and is recognized as one of the most beautiful places in the world. When contacting car rental in Israel, they are pleased not only with seasonal discounts and low prices, but also with the many-fold increase in opportunities for travel.

Gan HaShlosha Rest

It’s nice to be in Gan HaShlosha for romantically-minded couples and large families, and since renting a car in Israel involves a large selection of vehicles for all categories of users and different numbers of passengers, getting here is not difficult. There are playgrounds and restaurants, and fish dishes are prepared so that it is worth coming here for the sake of it. Moreover, renting a car in Israel gives vacationers absolute freedom of movement and you can return the car later in any of the company’s branches at no extra charge. The highlight of the holiday in Gan HaShlosha will be swimming in the famous pools, filled directly from the sources. Their temperature does not change all year round and is 28 ° C, and the water is healing.