Rent a car in Israel: rest without borders

Rent a car in Israel: rest without borders

Renting a car in Israel opens up rich opportunities not only for excursions to memorable places of an amazing country, but also creates a unique atmosphere of easy travel and relaxed rest. Bright and diverse views of Israel and a huge selection of ways to spend time make every day unique.

Such a different vacation

Have you visited Tel Aviv? This contrasting and dazzlingly beautiful city on the Mediterranean coast always attracts the attention of travelers. However, there are still many discoveries ahead! Travel along the coast is more pleasant because the official representative of Europcar Holyland Cars, in addition to the best cars, offers seasonal discounts on the already low prices for car rental in Israel. Therefore, refuel the car and take on the road sabiah. The name of this dish is translated as "morning" - this mix of fried eggplants, vegetables, pickles and spices will be a great snack on the way to the city of Netanya.

Rent a car in Israel allows you to make the trip more vivid, comfortable and diverse. Netanya is known not only for the longest beaches and nature reserves, but also for parachuting. Who knows, maybe your first jump will happen here? And experienced athletes will not deny themselves the pleasure to soar over the Mediterranean Sea.

More discoveries with a rented car

Renting a car in Israel allows you to discover legends and participate in the creation of new ones around the clock. After leaving Netanya, visit the village of Caesarea, where the Rally Museum and the country's first golf club are located. It is noteworthy that the local golf course was the first and only in Israel for almost 40 years. Such discoveries please travelers and motivate to strive to have time to drive and see as much as possible. Renting a car in Holyland Cars is convenient, including the possibility not to return to the studied sections of the route - returning the car to the city where you took it is not necessary. At your service numerous branches in different cities of the country, where the car will be accepted without surcharge.