International rental companies or local low cost - what to choose?

International rental companies or local low cost - what to choose?

Very often, our customers do not understand the difference between large international car dealers (Europcar, Avis, Hertz, Sixt ...) and local Israeli low cost carriers (Eldan, CalAuto, etc.). And the standard question is: “Why are international car rental companies more expensive than many local car dealers?” What is the difference? Let's finally try to figure it out

Here are some basic criteria by which you can judge the level of a rental company

• Lineup;
• Condition and age of cars;
• Service and technical support throughout the lease and after it;
• Number of personnel per shift;
• Prices for additional insurance, services and damages;
• International standards and quality certificates.

Now a little more about each of the listed items:

1) Large international companies, as a rule, have permanent contracts with suppliers of leading world brands - BMW, Mazda, Ford, Hyundai, Kia, etc. And, accordingly, they get significant discounts when buying cars. Local car dealers do not have such contracts and are forced to buy cars from cheaper manufacturers. Often in the minimum configuration. Purchases are mainly made at the end of the year in order to get at least some discount on the already, in fact, outdated model.
Cars used in the rental, you need to change frequently, because over the year they can “wind” a large mileage and pass hundreds of hands. And, unfortunately, customers do not always treat a rental car with care. All the above facts lead to the fact that a car for a year or two in use simply “dies”. It is at this moment that it turns out that this is a big international company: this is the one that not only rents out cars, but also sells used cars on time. And in their place annually buys new ones.

2) The service from the rental office does not end with the receipt and return of the car. Sometimes cars break down. Both new and old. In the case of loukosterami chance to get an older car is much higher, and, accordingly, the probability of its failure increases. In this case, you will need technical assistance or a tow truck, which can take much longer than if you took the car in top companies (the difference can reach several hours). In addition, the appearance and interior of these cars are often not in the best condition.
Often, besides all the above, the service may be needed after the return of the car. For example, issues related to improper payment, large withdrawals for damages, and sometimes even several months after the end of the lease, you may receive incomprehensible bills or withdrawals from the card. Therefore, in most cases, a cheaply ordered car will cost you much more in the end.

3) Companies that position themselves as low-cost companies focus exclusively on price and at the same time do not guarantee quality customer service. This can manifest itself in huge queues at the reception and return of the car, lack of staff both at the front and in the parking lot, both when receiving a car, and on its return. In renting a car, as in any other business, there is such a thing as cost price (Cost). That is, the cost of maintaining the car for its owner. Buying a car, insurance, maintenance, depreciation of the car, depreciation, etc.). As we have said, the prices for cars for small companies are usually higher or at least as much as for all others. Accordingly, if a car is rented at cost or cheaper (and local car dealers do this to attract customers and thereby dumping the market), then they need to get money somewhere to not burn out. We already know that they save on staff, but this is not enough and you need to get somewhere else. The question is where? The answer is simple: on the cost of additional services (insurance, navigator, child seat, second driver, service for paying toll roads, fines, etc.). And the most important thing to watch out for when renting a car at low-cost companies is an increased or double deductible in case of damage.

4) When booking a car with large international distributors you can be sure that if something unexpected happens, you can always contact the international customer service and then the rental office simply has no choice but to solve the situation. Even if the local branch cannot or does not want to solve the problem for some reason.

We wanted to remind this article of the old adage: “A miser pays twice.” Fly on vacation, rent cars and generally have a good rest!