Rent a car for a young driver

Rent a car for a young driver

Every driver, even if he has been driving for more than thirty years, most likely remembers the day he passed the law exams. On the one hand, this is a new exciting stage of life. Mature and independent. On the other hand, being a driver is a big responsibility. Responsibility both for himself and those who travel with him in the car, and for other road users.

This responsibility applies regardless of which car the new driver chooses: personal transport, a car of friends and relatives, or a car from a rental company.

Car insurance for a new driver

When a new driver decides to rent a car, he should be aware of a number of conditions that apply to him at rental companies. But before listing these details, the term “new driver” itself should be explained. According to the laws of the Ministry of Transport, the new motorist is considered to be the one who got his license less than two years ago.

The reason why a new driver has limitations when renting is because he has a priori less experience than someone who has been driving for more years. It is believed that the risk of passing the car to a person who has recently acquired the rights is higher than the risk of providing the car to an experienced motorist. Therefore, for beginners there is an additional fee for insurance.

As a rule, a driver whose age does not exceed 21 years old and driving a car for one year cannot rent a car. If a new driver is over 21 years old, then there should be no problems with renting.

If your rights are not yet two years old, please call 052-3414669 for reservations and information.

It is important to know that insurance premiums are an extra charge to the rental price. The very same rental price does not depend on the experience of the driver and is formed solely on the basis of the type of vehicle.

Also consider that the additional fee requires exceeding the daily mileage, the limit of which is 220 km. Another nuance that the new driver should keep in mind is that, before executing the transaction, he will need to provide a credit card with a limit of at least 5,000 shekels.

It should be borne in mind that the listed rental features can sometimes change. Therefore, before making a decision, it is better to contact the support service by calling 052-3414669 and find out all the special conditions and surcharges applicable to the new driver.

In conclusion, we want to say: a new driver can easily rent a car, but he will need to pay extra for insurance.

Car hire has never been easier! Have a good trip and a safe trip!