Rent a car in HolylandCars - new travel opportunities

Rent a car in HolylandCars - new travel opportunities

The overall picture of the world would not be complete without the history of Israel. As the legends say, visiting this country, you can find something new for the spirit and for the mind. And renting a car in our company will help you touch the many wonders and mysteries.

In the footsteps of history

Many legends have their origins in this country. Rent a car in Israel will help pave the route for them, without losing important details. No excursion plan will not provide such opportunities for knowledge and experience, like a rented car. No need to rush or linger where you do not want! Comfortable car from the company Holyland Cars will give the opportunity to travel to the sights of Jerusalem, Haifa and other cities in the mode that is preferable for the traveler. Rent a car in Israel is the convenience of movement, following the individual route and the ability to take with you all the necessary things without worrying about heavy bags in your hands.

Good cars - low prices

The official representative of Europcar in Israel, Holyland Cars provides cars for different categories of users . A large group of people can comfortably accommodate the Hyundai i800 or the Ford Galaxy V, and the romantic trip for two will be perfect in a compact and reliable Honda Civic. The choice of the Toyota Highlander means the ability to drive on any road surface - the famous architectural landmarks and wonderful landscapes are becoming more accessible. On this machine, you can drive from the Sinai Mountains to the Red or Dead Sea, you can visit the desert, not adhering to the road scheme. Cars can be backed up and ordered.

Low prices and seasonal discounts are also a motivating factor for car rental. A large map of branches, where you can pass the car at the end of the trip, make a note of spontaneity on the journey. In addition, returning a car in another city, you do not need to pay extra . Spontaneous trip or planned vacation - with a car from Holyland Cars any trip will be unforgettable!