Rent a car in Israel: a trip to the Negev desert

Rent a car in Israel: a trip to the Negev desert

Among the wonders of Israel there is a special attraction, the size of which is about 60% of the country. We are talking about the Negev desert, where at one time many trade routes took off, and today cities are located. Renting a car in Israel makes it possible to take a closer look at the mysteries of this area.

Inhabited Desert

It turns out that a desert is not necessarily a desolate, monotonous species. Of course, sandy wastelands form the basis of these places, however, the person, coming into contact with the sand-mountain massifs, managed to wrap up his features. Renting a car would be most welcome when meeting live and diverse settlements and mountain landscapes. Turning to car rental in Holyland Cars, you can choose a model that will help turn a trip along the sand dunes to mysterious cities into an unforgettable adventure. The traveler will be presented with a large range of cars and low prices for their rent. In addition, it is likely to get seasonal discounts. But one should remember one wisdom familiar to us from fairy tales: "do not descend from the path." When traveling by rental car, you need to keep the roads paved, otherwise in case of a breakdown, the insurance action will not cover the costs of restoration, and you will have to pay for the damage from your own pocket. Why spoil the trip!

Legends and weekdays of the desert

The capital of the Negev - Beer Sheva - is famous for the legend of the well in the desert. The local routes attract many tourists with the opportunity to see the mountain monasteries and Bedouin tribes living in tents and happily greeting guests. Rent a car in Israel is a way to have a great time there, where unexpected pleasant meetings, archaeological finds and the study of rare birds are possible. Europcar spokesperson Holyland Cars cares that the ride brings only positive emotions. The traveler is given the freedom of movement and freedom of choice in which city to deliver the car at the end of the journey: the map of the company's offices has more than 20 branches and in each of them you can return the car without surcharges. A rented car will make acquaintance with the reserves and deserts of Israel interesting and comfortable.