Drive to Nazareth with car rental in Israel

Drive to Nazareth with car rental in Israel

The north of Israel attracts tourists with its mountain plateaus, valleys and settlements that are mentioned in history. Here is located the only city in the country, where the output falls on Sunday. Rent a car in Israel, provided by Holyland Cars, will open the way to the holy Christian city of Nazareth.

Bible City

The official representative of Europcar provides cars of your choice for comfortable trips along an individual route. Rent a car in Israel is an excellent offer for travelers for whom visiting Nazareth, as one of the main biblical cities, is a landmark. However, bright impressions are waiting not only for Christians. The neighborhood of the city will be remembered by the Semphoris National Park and the remains of the crusaders' fortress, and in the center is the largest Catholic Church of the Annunciation in the Middle East, the source of the Virgin Mary and the Orthodox Greek Church. Rent a car in Israel and a trip plan provide the opportunity to fully explore the sights of the city and its surroundings.

Trip Plan or Spontaneity

Renting a car in Israel is a trip to Nazareth's iconic places and unhurried arrival for lunch at a local cafe, a camera on hand and spontaneous drawing up of the route. The trip plan for the northern regions can be painted from the moment you leave the airport building, and car rental in Israel is an opportunity to both stick to this plan and make a new one right while traveling. Low prices, seasonal discounts and car return in another city without surcharges are very conducive to spontaneity, which largely determines the bright rest. A trip to Nazareth is another wonderful day journey by the roads of Israel.