Mini-Israel: drawing ideas for travel

Mini-Israel: drawing ideas for travel

Often travelers choose Jerusalem as their starting point, and then decide where to go next. This method of transportation is most convenient to carry out by car, so renting a car in Israel is the best choice for holidaymakers. Choosing a model to taste and feeling a surge of strength from the first-class service of Holyland Cars, in which excellent cars come together, low prices and seasonal discounts, travelers dive into the world of vivid impressions that are generous to the roads and the city of Israel.

Latrun Surprises

West of Jerusalem is an area of ​​Latrun, on the hills of which stands the monastery of the Virgin of the XIX century. and the ruins of the crusader fortress. Not far away, the Ayalon River, which once spread far beyond the banks, flows here, in its valley, a surprise awaits travelers. Turning to car rental in Israel, tourists have the opportunity to visit a large number of interesting places, while not leaving the comfort zone. In Latrun, the Mini-Israel miniatures park is located, allowing you to make a kind of tour of the country in a few hours. About 350 exhibition objects are made as accurately and aesthetically as possible. Rent a car in Israel is a stop at the most interesting points of the map of the country.

Trip Plan

As a solid company, the official representative of Europcar has many branches throughout the country and you can return the car without surcharges at the end of the trip to any of them. Therefore, renting a car in Israel is a real find for travelers who prefer spontaneity, and stopping at a park of miniatures can help determine the future route. Layouts of extraordinary beauty give rise to a desire to see the original, so why not choose a route taking into account the miniatures of the park? Inspiration from the sights will be the basis of a wonderful trip, because renting a car in Israel is a comfortable way to implement any plans.