Rocks in the desert and the fortress of Masada

Rocks in the desert and Masada fortress - the path to the legends in a rented car

One of the most striking sights in the south of Israel is the Masada fortress, which is unique not only for its history, but also for its magnificent location. The path here can be paved through Arad - the nearest city, near which is the Dead Sea. Rent a car in Israel is an extraordinary taste of travel and an opportunity to forget about distances.

Path through Arad

Mountain serpentine roads connecting the Dead Sea and Arad offers travelers amazing views, but requires caution. This part of the journey will be an exciting adventure in anticipation of meeting with the fortress-legend. Rent a car in Israel is an opportunity to choose the best cars that match your goals and mood. The official representative of Europcar offers seasonal discounts on its services and low prices, which makes the contemplation of landscapes from the car window on the way especially pleasant. The surroundings of Arad will delight tourists with a rich fauna, both wild - here you can meet a porcupine, a gazelle, an Ethiopian hedgehog or a hyena, and a domesticated one - in these places camels and sheep are grazing. The city has a park, museum, temple and wine production. After admiring the views of the desert, you can go to the fortress of Masada. The ability to fill the route with vivid views and memorable meetings is one of the indisputable advantages that car rental gives in Israel.

Journey to the Masada Fortress

The construction of the fortress Masada dates back to 25 BC. e. and it was built on the orders of King Herod I the Great as a shelter for the royal family and royal gold. The building is protected by steep cliffs, and from the sea it can be reached via a snake trail, at the beginning of which parking is now provided for cars. However, for the ascent you can prefer the cable car. Car rental in Israel is an opportunity to meet the ancient riddle on the sea, surrounded by a 1.4 km long wall with 37 towers. There are preserved castle, synagogue, armories and fragments of mosaics. Rent a car in Israel gives travelers unlimited travel. So, from the fortress you can go to the highway Ein Gedi - Ein Bokek and go further, focusing on your own desires and knowing that at the end of the trip the car will be accepted without surcharges at a branch of the company in another city.