international license

Do I need international license to rent a car?

This is the most frequently asked question. The answer is very simple - yes, if you want to rent a car abroad, you need international rights. As soon as I say these words, many begin to convince me that they have rented a car many times and no one has asked them for international rights. Yes, this can be met all the time, and everything would be fine until you ran into a company or an employee who asks for your international rights - just a little book.

This is explained by the fact that today there are a lot of rental companies and employees of these companies in the car rental market who do not ask to show international rights to them. There are many reasons for this. For example, you came across an experienced worker who is already familiar with all types of rights and is not a problem for him to deal with your rights, even if they don’t have a single word in English, or you got into a local small car rental company that doesn’t care about the laws or rules.

All of the above cannot be considered a rule or a pattern, because each rental agent has clear internal rental rules that apply to a particular rental company.

In other words, each company may have its own rental conditions and my advice to you is to always have international rights with you in order not to be in a situation when you have a paid voucher in your hands, but you are not given a car and you do not receive a penny refund money!

International law (a separate booklet) can be obtained from the traffic police, usually issued for 3 years, the approximate price is 1600 rubles.

Maxim Nagibin,
consultant of the company HolylandCars