On the legendary places of Israel by car

On the legendary places of Israel by car

Traveling around Israel begins with a route planning and all related nuances. If you want to see with your own eyes the Bahai gardens in Haifa and step on the banks of the legendary Jordan River, you need to understand that renting a car is the best way to plunge into the extraordinary atmosphere of a unique country and the opportunity to visit all famous places that were previously only dreams.

Choosing the best

Renting a car in Israel with the company Holyland Cars will make the trip comfortable and bright. The official representative of Europcar offers its customers the best conditions: all offers are distinguished by low prices, you can also take a car in one city, and return it in another one at no extra charge. Seasonal discounts and a huge range of cars for different tastes make car rental in Israel even more attractive. You can not only make a fascinating journey with comfort, but also save.

As for the car park, you will probably be able to choose a convenient option for yourself, because very different models are offered for rental . from single to accommodate a large company with luggage. If necessary, Holyland Cars will provide a pre-order car not from its usual list: it may be a limousine, roadster, etc., at the request of the customer.

Country of vivid impressions

Rent a car will open the way to the world of vivid landscapes and legendary monuments of Israel. Traveling from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv or Haifa in a car is faster and more comfortable. The coast of the Dead Sea and the Masada Fortress will enchant with their grandeur, after which you can immediately proceed further: car rental in Israel allows you not to limit yourself to the choice of attractions. On the contrary, they are all open to the traveler, ready for vivid impressions. The program can include any trips in unlimited quantities, and the comfort of movements and the richness of colors will make this visit to the country unforgettable.