On Israel on wheels

On Israel on wheels

If you decide to visit Israel and travel through it, then it is best to do it by car. The route of the trip can be made in advance, although improvisations are possible on the go. Driving a car in Israel will bring you many new experiences. You will be surprised by lifeless mountains and flowering gardens, olive groves and history at every step of the way. The excellent condition of the roads, the magnificent architecture of the cities and the diversity of natural landscapes, all this - only a small part of this amazing country.

It is worth noting that car rental in Israel is top notch. One of the best car rental services in Israel is HolylandCars, the official representative of Europcar. You can rent a car in one city, and pass it in another without additional payment. If you plan to take the car for more than a week, then you are guaranteed low prices. In addition, HolylandCars for car rental in Israel makes seasonal discounts.

Experts advise to avoid beaten tourist routes and first go to the north of the country to Galilee. Nature in the north of Israel is extraordinarily beautiful. Here are the majestic mountains with thick coniferous and deciduous forests, and in the valley of Ezreel vineyards are replaced by orange orchards and olive groves. All this man-made magnificence filled the once barren and deserted Judea.

There are four “holy cities” in Israel - Jerusalem, Hebron, Safed and Tiberias, which is located near the city of Haifa. Tiberias is located 200 meters below sea level. The city has many attractions and shrines. But the most important miracle of Galilee is the famous Sea of ​​Galilee, or, as the locals call it, Lake Kinneret. Christ walked in his waters, here He performed many miracles.

Visiting the city of Safed high in the mountains, you can go to the south, because you need to visit the legendary Jerusalem, visit Tel Aviv, see the Negev desert and the Dead Sea and be sure to stop in Eilat on the Red Sea. By the way, in all these cities there are branches of the company HolylandCars, which, if you remember, provides a rental car in Israel. In any city that has a representative office of the company, you can rent a car or change it for another, more appropriate terrain and road conditions. It’s not difficult to find a pickup point - there are more than 20 such cities in Israel now. and geography is constantly expanding.