Holon - Holidays for the whole family with HolylandCars

Holon - Holidays for the whole family with HolylandCars

The suburbs of Tel Aviv attract tourists no less than the famous city itself, because every settlement near the Mediterranean coast can give a plot for vivid memories. Rent a car in Israel will open Holon, which is informally called the "children's capital", where each family member will find something unusual and interesting.

The branch in Holon is located on Ha-Merkava, 73. Tel: + 972-52-3414669

Coastal Attractions

Rent a car in Israel is an opportunity to get acquainted with the features of local attractions and visit different cities, and seasonal discounts and low prices offered by the official representative of Europcar are truly a wonderful gift for customers and always a great start to travel. Therefore, a trip to Holon - spontaneous or planned - is the perfect continuation of rest surrounded by parks and gardens, because the local nature is famous for its beauty. And numerous entertainment for children and adults make this city comfortable for the whole family. Renting a car in Israel will bring the joy of a trip to Holon, where travelers can have a wonderful time with a variety of attractions in the Yamit-2000 large water entertainment complex or visit the children's museum.

Holon Parks and Travel Inspiration

A trip to Holon - it smiles on the beach and photographs against the background of the fountain in the form of a waterfall in the park Perez. And, of course, rent a car in Israel will give a walk to the hills of Tel Giborim and a large youth park with numerous lawns, an amphitheater, walking paths and rollerblading grounds. Contacting car rental in Israel, you can choose the best cars for family holidays that will make the trip even more vivid and memorable. And returning a car in another city without surcharges is a profitable and pleasant bonus that inspires new routes.