Israel's routes by car: a trip to Hebron

Israel's routes by car: a trip to Hebron

Rent a car in Israel is an opportunity to follow the paths of historical events, discover new and unusual things for you, enjoy a complete rest. One of the highlights of the trip will be a trip to the west bank of the Jordan River, where the city of Hebron is located - another shrine for the Israelis and one of the oldest settlements in the world.

Comfortable trip to the holy city

The city is located on a hill and combines modern features and a reverent attitude to traditions. Renting a car in Holyland Cars makes visiting Hebron especially convenient for those tourists who are planning a visit to Jerusalem - after all, cities are only 30 km away. Given the low prices for rental cars in Israel and the opportunity to receive seasonal discounts when signing the contract, a trip to Hebron is convenient and attractive.

Learning puzzles with Holyland Cars

Renting a car in Israel will open many ways to learn the traditions, culture and teachings of Hebron. The main shrine of the city is, of course, the Machpela Cave, where, according to beliefs, is the burial of the first people - Adam and Eve. The patriarchs and their wives are buried in the same building, the construction of which falls at the latest during the reign of King Herod. Both Jewish and Muslim services are held here, due to the specifics of the division of the city into territories under the control of Israel and Palestine. Interestingly, the caves that are under the building have not been sufficiently studied by science today due to the effect of the religious ban. Therefore, only a few grottos and underground passages are known for certain.

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