Visiting Druze - a visit to unusual settlements with rental cars

Visiting Druze - a visit to unusual settlements with rental cars

The rich history of Israel offers travelers so many discoveries that their study will take more than one year. The official representative of Europcar makes it possible to get acquainted with the sights for the period set aside for tourists to travel around the country. Rent a car in Israel is a vacation full of acquaintances with history and various nations, which bring additional color to relations with an already unusual country.

Unusual settlements

Mount Carmel - one of the most beautiful places where tourists are often led to travel through the hills and deserts. Here, in the vicinity of Haifa, you can find a settlement of Druze. Renting a car in Israel is an opportunity to get acquainted with the mysterious but friendly people living in the village of Dalyat el-Carmel, as well as in the Golan Heights and try the most delicious pita with goat cheese and Zataar spices. The unusual clothes of the Druze, the Arabic language, the belief in the transmigration of souls and the mystery enveloping their rituals, makes a visit to their settlements an entertaining adventure. The best cars that rent a car in Israel, low prices, seasonal discounts and many branches in the country, where you can return the vehicle without surcharges, make such trips fun and easy.

A trip you want to repeat

Unlike the sacred Druze texts, the colorful Oriental market is open to tourists, as is the National Park with diverse nature. Vineyards and pine groves, caves with legends and rich fauna, numerous archaeological finds and scenic hiking trails open to tourists - this unusual world full of life, creates a desire to rent cars in Israel again and again to make new trips to amazing places.

Rent a car in Israel is a bright vacation and a variety of impressions.