Dolphin Reef - the whole family ride in a rented car

Dolphin Reef - the whole family ride in a rented car

Israel can give the traveler a lot of pleasant memories of amazing architecture and nature, as well as the opportunity to buy unique souvenirs and jewelry. The official representative of Europcar Holyland Cars offers low prices and seasonal discounts on car rental in Israel, which makes the rest more comfortable and brighter. Therefore, being near Eilat, you should definitely visit the Dolphin Reef.

A trip that everyone will like

A trip to Dolphin Reef is another great opportunity for travelers, which gives a rental car in Israel. This place is considered one of the best in the world for exploring amazing mammals that are in a natural environment and are always friendly to humans. Such trips are very memorable for adults and children, and renting a car in Israel is convenient for returning a car in another city without surcharges, which removes restrictions on the routes and makes the trip especially exciting.

Scenic Reserve

Renting a car in Israel opens the way to a nature reserve, where, against the backdrop of scenic views, you can get close to the dolphins and even touch them with your hand from the bridge. If desired, you can dive under water, accompanied by an experienced instructor or on your own - for this, all the necessary equipment is provided. Familiarity with the amazing underwater world, inhabited by intelligent and good mammals does not require special training and is available to almost every tourist. Renting in Israel will help to make every day special and fill the journey with magical memories.