Holidays on the four seas with cars from HolylandCars

Holidays on the four seas with cars from HolylandCars

While in Israel, ask yourself: "What sea do I want to see tomorrow?" Indeed, besides studying historical buildings and valleys, nature itself is conceived in such a way that one of the country's ancient and vibrant landmarks is its seas. Rent a car in Israel is a great opportunity to meet with each of the four seas.

Four Seas on One Car

The official representative of Europcar Holyland Cars is the opportunity to travel to the seas of Israel with comfort and no surcharges for the return of the car in another city. The Mediterranean Sea is many kilometers of clean beaches, different sports and major cities. The Red Sea is known for its purity and rich underwater world. Due to the high salt content in the water, it is comfortable even for an inexperienced swimmer.

Renting a car will fulfill the dream of visiting the southern and western shores, and then heading to the Dead Sea, known for its healing properties. It will be useful as a stay at the resort, and a visit to the beach. Feeling the magical effect of mud baths, you can buy such seafood in a package at a store and take a piece of the Israel resort with you. The Sea of ​​Galilee or Lake Kinneret evokes completely different emotions - one third of the country's population uses fresh water, and its rich vegetation and beautiful beaches always attract the attention of tourists.

Relaxing with a car

Car rental in Israel is a first-class selection of cars of various classes and styles, where each tourist can choose what he likes. The rules for using cars are simple and transparent, and low prices prove that any traveler can relax in comfort without overpaying. Turning to car rental in Israel, you can get on the seasonal discounts, which the company often pleases its customers. Therefore, acquaintance with the four seas has every chance to continue on the next visit to the country, and renting a car in Israel will be so convenient that it will accompany travel again and again.