Rent a car without credit card

Rent a car without credit card

Most of us have a credit card today. But many for some reason decide not to use credit. Or maybe you just do not have a credit card? Can I rent a car without a credit card?
We at HolylandCars will try to sort out this problem and find the best solution.

Why do rental companies need a credit card to rent cars?

The only reason why rental companies require a credit card is because in the event of a vehicle damage or an accident, the company can return the damage payment without any problems.

Why do rental companies charge a high deposit?

For those of us who do not know, car rental companies with large fleets are not obliged to insure their cars and also the driver, passengers and third parties. In the event of an accident, damage or other irregularities, the entire responsibility falls on the driver. That is why large rental companies are thus reinsured and charge a high deposit.

Why do rental companies prefer a credit card rather than cash or checks?

Cash. Large rental companies prefer not to accumulate cash in the branches, so as not to burden themselves with unnecessary operations and complicate the already hard work, and how much cash can you ask the client to leave as collateral? They will not accept checks as a deposit for the same reason.
In addition, when paying a deposit with checks, it is impossible to verify the payment guarantee on the spot - as a rule, this procedure takes up to 3 days.

Alternative car rental without a credit card

Contact a relative or friend who lives in Israel, they definitely have a credit card, like almost all citizens of Israel, and ask him to provide his credit card as a security deposit. The only restriction is that your guarantor will be the main driver and responsible for renting and paying VAT in the amount of 17% of the total bill. You can join as a second driver. In this case, you only have to pay $ 4 per day for insuring the second driver.

Are there rental companies where no credit card is required at all?

Yes, maybe in some countries, there are small companies that will offer you alternative deposit options. But in this case, we must not forget that the reliability of such a lease is highly questionable.
Often such offices earn on unreasonable claims to the driver after passing the car. For example, scratches, fictional taxes, etc. Local “entrepreneurs” take advantage of the ignorance of the language and local laws and make money on it. Therefore, we recommend to apply only to proven, international companies with a solid reputation.
And if you are planning to rent a car in Israel, our company is a reliable solution. Have a good travel!