Caesarea - a trip to the national park with HolylandCars

Caesarea - a trip to the national park with HolylandCars

Meeting with the sights, which provides rental cars in Israel, every day opens a new understanding of the features of this country. Once in the western areas, travelers should visit the ancient city of Caesarea, where the beach, theater and amphitheater will not leave indifferent.

Unfortunately, there is no representative office in the city of Caesarea. The nearest branch is in Netanya on the street. Usishkin, 1. Tel: + 972-52-3414669

Monuments of the Herodian era

A trip to Caesarea is an unforgettable meeting with the city, which began its long history in IV BC. e. and preserved many buildings of previous eras. Travelers who applied to car rental in Israel and chose new cars for a holiday will be introduced to the buildings of the period of the rule of King Herod, which at that time were new inventions. So, here was built one of the first theaters of Israel, for which instead of the usual tree was used stone. Today, concerts are held in this building, participation in which is considered prestigious for musicians. An outstanding event of the ancient era was the arrangement of the port with the use of Roman concrete. Car rental in Israel is a trip to Caesarea National Park, where you can see Herod's Palace, located on the reef, outstanding in the sea, and the temple of Augusta and Roma. A hippodrome during the reign of Herod was later converted into an amphitheater, where gladiator fights were held. Caesarea is a huge unique monument, the trip to which makes the official representative of Europcar Holyland Cars comfortable. Car rentals in Israel are bright impressions and bonuses for customers, such as low prices and seasonal discounts.

Relaxation with a pleasant aftertaste

There are in the national park and attractions, whose construction fell on the later periods. The constructions of the Byzantine and Roman eras significantly expanded the geography of the city. Today, travelers can see here the terms - the Roman baths, the old building of the tax administration and the whole area, once consisted of the villas of wealthy Romans. Contemplation of the seascapes, an exciting encounter with ancient buildings, the ability to build a further route at your discretion and subsequently return the car to any branch of the company at no additional cost - these and other offers that car rentals in Israel give travelers a vivid impression and pleasure from the trip.