Ancient buildings in Beit Shean and the Jordan Valley

Ancient buildings in Beit Shean and the Jordan Valley

Car rental in Israel is the best way to feel the atmosphere of travel among picturesque landscapes and ancient cities. For the tourist, keen on exploring the sites of the excavations, surrounded by legends, a trip to Beit Shean will surely give new food for imagination and inspiration. Rent a car in Israel in this case will be a kind of bridge, paving the way for the curious traveler to historical places.

Unfortunately, there is no representative office in Beit She'an. The nearest branch is in the city of Afula on the street. Menachem Begin, 70. Tel: + 972-52-3414669

Ancient ruins on the background of the desert

The city in the north of the country is famous for its ancient buildings, most of which are located in the famous national park. This park is located on the site of archaeological excavations and here you can see the ancient Roman theater, walk along the streets with colonnades, visit the once-standing shops with floor mosaics. Rent a car in Israel is a chance to capture in memory the amazing types of buildings, whose history spans more than one era against the background of desert and wildlife.

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Beit-Shean is remarkable not only by the buildings of former times, but also by the location itself - the Jordan Valley has always been of great importance for the religious life of the country and is a symbol and a scene for many historical facts and legends. Its length to the Jordan River and the Dead Sea is an excellent reason to start a new round of travel right here, especially since renting a car in Israel does not necessarily imply returning the car to the city where it was rented. The map of the company's branches allows you to freely proceed through the country and return the car in another city without overpayments. Rent a car in Israel is an opportunity to make wishes about travels that come true.