Bat Yam - the pearl of the Israeli Mediterranean

Bat Yam - the pearl of the Israeli Mediterranean

Bat Yam - literally translated as "daughter of the sea" - a quiet cozy town located in the center of the country on the Mediterranean coast. Residents mostly come from the CIS countries.

Unfortunately, there is no representation in Bat Yam. The nearest branch is located in Tel Aviv, Quay, st. Ha-Yarkon, 80. Tel: + 972-52-3414669

In Bat Yam there is everything for a pleasant stay - these are comfortable hotels and hotels, luxurious sandy beaches, equipped with everything you need (sun beds, umbrellas, rescue booths, breakwaters, showers), developed infrastructure, and that the geographical location of the city is important.

On the waterfront there are restaurants and cafes with friendly staff and delicious national cuisine, as well as along the coast there is a huge variety of benches and even bar counters with a sea view, where you can watch the sunset and enjoy a glass of Israeli wine.

In the city there is a Recreation Center, which has swimming pools, water attractions, sauna, spa, tennis court, lounges. You can also visit the artificial ice rink, where you can cool off on a hot sunny day.
There is practically no nightlife, parties, noisy entertainment. But this gap can more than fill the neighboring Tel Aviv!