Bahai gardens and familiar comfort from HolylandCars

БаBahai gardens and familiar comfort from HolylandCars

The Bahai gardens, although usually regarded as one of the attractions of Haifa, are such a vivid example of the triumph of beauty and grandeur that they should devote a separate chapter of the journey. Therefore, if the official representative of Europcar and car rental in Israel led you to the Mediterranean coast, give yourself an acquaintance with Bahai gardens.

Beauty triumph on the mountainside

A walk through the Bahai gardens or the "Path of Kings" is one of the ways to climb the summit of Mount Carmel, at the foot of which leads car hire in Israel. The followers of Baha'i faith believe that one day kings will pass through the Bahá'í gardens, and, rising to the temple, they will make eternal peace on earth. In the meantime, car rental in Israel provides an opportunity to enjoy the views of the "eighth wonder of the world", where 19 picturesque terraces spread, streams flow and fountains, and crowns this symmetrical picturesque magnificence a large garden around the tomb of the founder of religion.

Bahai gardens begin at the foot of the Mount Carmel and extend up along the ridge, occupying about 200,000 m2 of area. This and other amazing views offers travelers car rental in Israel.

Travel with Holyland Cars

Traveling around Israel and walking around the Bahai gardens is a bright and at the same time simple joy, which makes low prices and seasonal discounts available to Holyland Cars. There are terraces planted with various trees and shrubs, filling the air with the delicate scent of rosemary, oleander, olive, flowers, and part of the gardens, left as a celebration of wildlife for ivy and juniper. All this inspires to continue further excursion to the sights of the country. A large map of branches in different cities is another reason why renting a car in Israel is so much in demand when traveling. Taking a car in one city, you can return it without additional payments in another, so the further way from Bahai gardens will certainly be interesting and memorable.