World of tourism and excavations in Ashkelon

World of tourism and excavations in Ashkelon

If you have just been on excursions in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and plan to continue your vacation at the seaside, then your route can be planned in the direction of the south-western part of the country. A trip to Ashkelon - a city with a 12-kilometer tourist area along the Mediterranean coast - is another opportunity offered by car rental in Israel.

Unfortunately, there is no representative office in Ashkelon. The nearest branch is located in Ashdod on ul. Ha Orgim, 7. Tel: + 972-52-3414669

Holiday modern tourist

Ashkelon has a surprisingly pleasant climate, in addition, there are well-developed networks of shops, bars and restaurants. Renting a car in HolylandCars is an opportunity to see the features of each district of the city, to visit the Palace of Culture with an auditorium of almost 1000 seats, and, of course, enjoy a holiday on the coast. The Sports Palace and the tennis center, which has 17 courts, will delight lovers of active leisure, while young vacationers will be interested in a children's sailing school on the waterfront. In Ashkelon, there are a lot of offers for tourists who prefer a comfortable modern style of pastime, and Europcar official representative Holyland Cars creates the best conditions for trips, offering customers the best cars, low prices and seasonal discounts. The rich and developing geography of the company's offices allows you to end the journey in any region of the country without surcharges - you just need to choose a branch in a convenient city where you can rent a car in Israel and return the car there.

Ancient Findings

Renting a car in Israel will open not only the parks, beaches and water parks of Ashkelon to the traveler, but will also give you the opportunity to see the results of the excavations, which are always pleasing with new artifacts. Only in recent years, not far from the Holiday Inn hotel, a statue of Aphrodite made of white marble was found, and works in a dilapidated building opened up a perfectly preserved ancient column. Ashkelon is known for its National Park with ancient ruins and synagogues, as well as a wall of crusaders and antique columns. Tourists and the tomb painted with frescoes and the "tomb of four", where the burial of a wealthy Roman family is located, do not overlook.

Rent a car in Israel will make a trip to Ashkelon comfortable, and rest - a pleasant and varied.