Roads of history: a trip to Acre with Holyland Cars

Roads of history: a trip to Acre with Holyland Cars

Not far from Haifa, a little to the north, the city is located, which according to historians had a significant impact on the fate of Israel. No wonder: for 4000 years of continuous existence of this settlement, its inhabitants have always been in the thick of things: the city of Acre was ruled by the Phoenicians, was conquered by Alexander the Great, was in the Roman Empire and became the scene of many events during the crusades. Renting a car in Israel will help you make a fascinating journey through ancient sites that have become a modern center of tourism.

Unfortunately, there is no representation in Acre. The nearest branch is located in Haifa, shderot ha-Histadrut, 88. Tel: + 972-52-3414669

Pleasant surprises from the company

The official representative of Europcar Holyland Cars - is low prices for the best cars and the ability to perform any routes. Renting a car in Israel creates ideal conditions for leisure travel, discovering every day new landscapes and historical relics that this country is so rich with. At the same time, the practical side of traveling with Holyland Cars is always pleasant surprises, such as seasonal discounts or an extensive map of cities with branches of the company, where you can rent a car at no additional cost. Therefore, our clients know that renting a car in Israel is a convenient and profitable way to travel around the country, which allows you to significantly expand the geography of travel, and therefore make the experience more varied and brighter.

Traces of History in Acre

Rent a car in Israel allows you to study in detail the modern look of Acre, which carefully preserved traces of history. The city walls are famous for both the three stages of construction, and the subsequent imparting to them the appearance of a fortress. The Knight Halls and the Refektorium also have their own history, as well as the underground tunnel. Among the attractions of Acre is the Magic Garden, to the east of which the royal palace of the Crusaders was located before. The fortress in the northern part of the city and the Al-Jazzar mosque, characterized by extraordinary beauty and large size, attract tourists.

Car rental in Israel helps to make a unique journey, including a vacation at sea, exploring the extraordinary landscapes and familiarity with the historical relics of the country.