5 beautiful places in Israel, which can only be reached by car

5 beautiful places in Israel, which can only be reached by car

Israel is a small country, but many large states can only envy the diversity and picturesqueness of its landscapes. In a short time, the entire Promised Land can be reached by car: from colorful agricultural “squares” near the mountains in the north of the country, through the expanses of Sharon and the Jerusalem hills, to the hypnotic dunes in the Negev.
Today we will tell you about the real pearls of Israel - 5 places that can only be reached by car.

1. Hula Reserve

This is one of the most beautiful and attractive nature reserves in the country. It contains a huge number of migratory birds, which you can watch while listening to their singing. You can walk around the reserve and admire the most beautiful view, and if you wish, you can set up a tent right on the territory to rest and spend the night. How to get

2. Source Ein Sataf

The mountains of Jerusalem and Judea are known for their abundance of sources, and it is difficult to call one of them "the best." But if you still have to decide, Ein Sataf is the perfect choice. Tourists from around the world are impressed by its size, depth, as well as the magical stone caves that surround it. Often the source of Satap is called the "unofficial sea" of Jerusalem. How to get there

3. Desert Pond

In the Judean desert there is one natural reservoir - Nahal Tzfira. He has a truly life-giving coolness. When you plunge into it you will feel that you have come to an extraordinary place. The rock, located nearby, is breathtaking with one kind. Arriving in the village of Knockim, go on foot trail that leads you to the river Zeilim. After a while you come to her bed. In front of you is the pool of Zfira. How to get there

4. Source in Timna Park

On the way to Eilat (on the 90th highway) you will meet the largest and most beautiful reservoir of Israel. This deep and impressive turquoise swimming pool can be seen from the highway. To do this, turn to the right of the abandoned industrial zone Timna. Heading on a steep sandy descent, you will find yourself on the spot. It takes you a few minutes. Finally, you can swim in clean and cool water. How to get there

5. Zfakhot Mountain

If you still have not had the opportunity to visit the top of Mount Zfakhot, we will keep the intrigue, and will not tell you what exactly awaits you at the top. We just guarantee you that you will get great pleasure and will not be disappointed that you have visited this wonderful place. How to get there