Tips and Tricks

If you are really thinking about traveling in a caravan, then these tips will help you make the right decision.

Caravanning is definitely a different style of vacation and not for everyone. If you plan to lie quietly on the beach near the buffet, then we advise you to immediately abandon the idea of ​​autotravel. Caravanning is an active holiday. Traveling by motorhome is not a way to save money on a trip to Europe and USA, it is a fundamentally different type of vacation. Correctly assess your financial capabilities. Everything is expensive in Europe and USA! You can easily calculate the cost of your trip. Caravan rental + payment for toll roads + fuel + camping + meals + the rest. It won’t be cheap, but trust me it’s worth it.

When is the best time to rent a motorhome?

The timing of the trip is very important. We advise you to exclude July and August if possible. Since schoolchildren have a rest for two months, July and August are vacation time. Roads are busy, prices are high, campsites must be booked and paid for in advance, queues are everywhere. We advise you to choose May, June. The temperature is up to 30 degrees, but most importantly, no need to book campsites. September is the best month for caravanning. Without pre-booking, you can stay in five-star camps with their own beach. The itinerary must be mandatory. You can compose it yourself and pick up campers for it or turn to specialists.

Motorhome selection

When choosing a motorhome for rent, remember that the number of passengers must match the number of seat belts. If the caravan is 5 seater, then only five people, including babies, can travel in it. We advise you to choose one caravan per family, otherwise it is not comfortable and not hygienic. When choosing a caravan, remember that a new car is not always reliable. The motorhome consists of two parts – a car and a built-on residential part. Manufacturers are different. From our experience, the first season, each caravan requires additional improvements, imperfections are eliminated, contacts are checked, etc. That is, during the first season, the car should “run up” and begin to function as a single organism. Check for air conditioning in the residential area. The car’s air conditioner is not designed to cool the entire motorhome. Therefore, the air conditioning of the residential part must be installed additionally. Be sure to check your insurance information. We do not recommend driving a car without accident insurance, otherwise you take responsibility for a car worth 60 – 70 thousand euros. The autocaravan is not an ordinary car, it contains a lot of additional features that you need to know. Be sure to take the tutorial.

Campsite selection

The choice of campsite is also important. It is necessary to take into account the composition of your crew. If you have children, we advise you to choose a five-star campsite. In this case, your children will have playgrounds, animation, all kinds of entertainment at their disposal, and for you there will be a restaurant, bar, evening show, concert, etc. A lot of your vacation depends on the quality of the chosen campsite.

Who better to rent a motorhome in Europe

When choosing a rental company, you need to understand your priorities. There are two types of caravan rental companies. The first is to rent a vehicle. That is, you pay only for car rental, additional services are not included or sold separately. Typically, these rentals are inexpensive. This option is quite suitable for you if you are students, a youth company, a couple of pensioners, or are still trying to save money, that is, if you choose from the price. The cost per day is approximately 100 – 125 euros. The second option is a tourism product. When you rent a caravan, a route is drawn up for you, campsites are selected, and everything you need is provided. In this case, after each race, dry cleaning and steam cleaning are carried out. This option is better for traveling with children or for those who care about comfort.

The cost of renting a motorhome per day is approximately 150 – 200 euros. One more piece of advice. Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. When choosing a rental company, listen to the recommendations of friends or try (if possible) to check the existence of the company and the availability of caravans. In the extreme case, when you carefully consider the proposals, you will see the difference between clear conditions and sugary enticement. Be careful.

This is not all that we can advise you, but if you take into account our recommendations, your motorhome trip will become one of the brightest and most unforgettable adventures. We guarantee!