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Motorhomes in Europe

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Camping is a specialized open parking lot for motorhomes and caravans. Arriving at such a camp, you get at your disposal a separate territory (approximate area 50 m²) with communications. In most cases, this is electricity, water, sewerage. Some campsites offer free internet and cable TV.

Is free

On the territory of the parking lot there is everything necessary for servicing the motorhome – replenishment of drinking water, waste disposal, garbage dumping. The basic services include free use of showers, rooms for people with disabilities, a shared kitchen, toilets, changing rooms, and storage facilities for sports equipment. Note that even this set allows you to comfortably relax and clean up after the next move without any additional costs.

Is Paid

Paid services include the replacement of gas cylinders, washing the caravan, washing and drying things, using the sauna, equipment rental, wellness treatments in thermal centers. In elite campsites, guests are offered to rent a separate room with a bath, shower, hairdryer, hygiene products, which can be used by the whole family. Often, autotourists are offered paid excursions to nearby cities and local attractions.

Any car camping includes a small restaurant, bakery or snack bar, as well as a store with essentials. All parking lots are guarded around the clock, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of things and vehicles. Additional information can be obtained at the reception, here you can order excursions.

Camping Specialization

Each parking lot is focused on serving certain requests of autotourists, depending on the location and recreation opportunities. Campsites near major cities are like an open-air hotel. That is, in this case, the level of accommodation does not play a significant role, since travelers spend all their free time on excursions to nearby cities.

Tourist camps, set up near natural attractions – mountains, forests and reservoirs, are designed for the permanent stay of tourists in the parking area. In such a campsite, free buses usually run to the nearest mountain lifts, here you will be offered to rent the necessary sports equipment, organize hiking or fishing. The infrastructure of such parking lots may include cinemas, restaurants, bars, discos, saunas, fitness, playgrounds, swimming pools, boat stations and other components of a pleasant pastime. At the same time, as a rule, rest in such places is designed for any time of the year.

In summer, swimming in natural reservoirs, cycling, hiking and horseback riding, fishing, sailing, boating, tennis and table tennis are in the first place. The cold season is reserved for lovers of winter sports – hockey, sledding, skiing and skating. And all these inspiring events are organized in the midst of fantastic landscapes that serve as a fabulous entourage for every minute of a first-class vacation.

There is a third fairly common type of camps for autotourists – these are the so-called “country” campsites. In such campsites, as a rule, trailers have been stationary for years, and the camp lives the life of a summer cottage village, the main inhabitants of which are pensioners. We excluded such campsites from our routes.

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Our company carefully selected campsites for stops, sending out its inspectors with test drives. Therefore, any of the selected routes includes the best open-air parking lots, which allow you to equip your life and organize your vacation at the highest level.

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